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Introduction: Who Should Decide?


Think (independently) about these questions: 

  • What decisions do you believe your parents or guardians should make for you?
  • What decisions should you be able to make yourself?
  • What decisions should be made cooperatively?

Once you have thought of your answers, fill in the chart below:

Decisions I should

make for myself

Decisions I should make

with my parents

Decisions my parents

should make for me
  • decision 1
  • decision 2
  • decision 3
  • decision 1
  • decision 2
  • decision 3
  • decision 1
  • decision 2
  • decision 3

After you have discussed your opinions with other students, your teacher will prompt you to complete the blank chart (See HANDOUT: Who Should Decide?) and tell you how to label the columns.

  • Important term:
  • Its definition:  
Note to Teachers:
Find activity instructions in the Suggestions for Differentiated Instruction portion of the "For Teachers Only" tab.
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